Unstable: Borderless Full Art Basic Lands Revealed

Unstable Full Art Borderless Basic Lands by John Avon

Unglued Full Art Island

Unstable – the long awaited followup to gag sets Unglued and Unhinged – releases December 8th, 2017. As someone who grew up with Magic: the Gathering in the right time and place to enjoy the first two “joke” Magic releases, I’ve been incredibly excited to see what Wizards of the Coast cooks up for Unstable.

Besides adding a bit of levity and some long-running gags to the game, Un-sets are perhaps best known for their full-art lands. In both Unglued and Unhinged, players were enticed to purchase boosters of non-tournament-legal cards with the promise of a full-art basic land in each pack. Not only that, but the lands featured beautiful art by John Avon, one of Magic: the Gathering’s most lauded landscape artists. To this day, Un-set basics (particularly Unhinged) are highly valued by collectors and players wishing to bling out their decks.

Unhinged Full Art Island

When Unstable was finally announced over a decade after the last Un-set, the first question players asked was, “Will there be full-art lands???” To the pleasure of many players, the answer was a resounding, “YES!”

Today, thanks to a panel at HASCON 2017, we finally got our eyes on John Avon’s latest full-art lands. And this time, they’re borderless.

Players can expect to pull a borderless full-art basic land in each pack of Unstable. As an added bonus, Steamflogger Boss, which was previously printed in Future Sight as a joke, will also appear in the land slot. This is due to the Boss actually being tournament legal, and requiring a rare stamp. Since full sheets must be stamped at once, this also means the Unstable lands will feature a rare stamp; the first basic lands to do so.

Unstable Borderless Full-Art Basic Lands

UPDATED: 12:06 PM CST | Added higher resolution images provided by Mark Rosewater via Twitter.

UN3 Full Art Borderless Plains by John Avon

Unstable Full Art Borderless Plains


UN3 Full Art Borderless Island by John Avon

Unstable Full Art Borderless Island


UN3 Full Art Borderless Swamp by John Avon

Unstable Full Art Borderless Swamp


UN3 Full Art Borderless Mountain by John Avon

Unstable Full Art Borderless Mountain


UN3 Full Art Borderless Forest by John Avon

Unstable Full Art Borderless Forest